2018 Sauvignon Blanc

89 points JamesSuckling.com, 5/18
93 points JamesSuckling.com, 7/18
(136 valoraciones de clientes)

Served well-chilled our authentically made Cabernet Sauvignon is a refreshingly delicate dry wine with hints of strawberry, citrus, and peach laced fruit.



100% Pinot Noir







Bottle size

750 mL; 850ml


Napa Valley

136 valoraciones en 2018 Sauvignon Blanc

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Dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional wines

Wine specsTasting notes

The 2015 vintage of Cabernet is loaded with ripe fruit flavors of black cherry, boysenberry and other black fruits. It is layered with notes of black tea, mint, herb and spice. This concentrated, full bodied wine has a smooth lasting finish.

Wine specsFood pairings

Barbecued Tri-tip, mustard-rubbed pork loin, parmesan and black pepper pasta (Cacio e Pepe), or crispy gnocchi with brown butter and sage.